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Untitled Document Since 2006 the annual German Game Designer Conference has taken place in Weilburg/Hesse..

The conference is held by the Fachtagung Spieleautoren GbR, members of the company are Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, Christwart Conrad, Friedemann Friese, Andrea Meyer, Henning Poehl, and Andreas Wetter.

Why a conference?

So far, there is no formal education for the job of a game designer. Those established in the field often are mathmaticians, lawyers, educationalists or work in adminstration - anyway, they are all autodidacts.

The German Game Designer Days aim at adult education, information exchange and networking among game designers and others active in the game scene, with discussions always focussing on designing games.

Can I read about the results?

The book "Spiele entwickeln" keeps record of the conferences - unfortunately only in German.

Find more information on what is in the books here (German only).

You can order the books here.