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Andrea Meyer (Owner, editor, designer)


Hans-Peter Stoll
Friedemann Friese
(Die 3 Gebote, Schwarzarbeit)
Fraser (l.) and Gordon (r.) Lamont
(Die 3 Gebote)
Erik Nielsen
(Linq, Linqer)

Most recent

Stimmvieh box Stimmvieh contents sample card candidate sample card votes press release 14.10.2014

Games in tin boxes

Frigiti tin box Frigiti contents
Freeze tin box Freeze contents
Hossa Wordwild


Cover of the German edition Cover of the English edition Klimapoker, picture: Antje Schipporeit

Die 3 Gebote

Cover of the German edition Goddess

More games

Linq Cover
Linqer box (jpg)
Startspieler - box
Ad Acta box Ad Acta contents
(with Friedemann Friese,
Marcel-André Casasola Merkle)
(with Friedemann Friese, Torsten Gimmler,
Martina Hellmich, Hartmut Kommerell)
Schwarzarbeit (with Friedemann Friese)