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Untitled Document Museum shops and board and card games have similar target groups.

However, for owner of museum shops it is often difficult to judge which games are matching their customers' wishes.
Hence, you'll often find variants of memory and popular card games that are at best losely connected to the museum or an exhibition

This is even more unfortunate if there are actually good games dealing with the topic of museum or exhibition that are easily understandable.

This is why I gave a presentation at the event Museumsshop 2011 in Cologne, in which I gave an overview of games suitable for museum shops. Also, I gave examples of which games might fit which special shops or exhibitions.

The German presentation can be downloaded here
in pdf-format.
I am open to your questions. Please send me an email, also, if you need hints as to which games might fit for your museum or exhibition.

This newsletter is published irregularly in German with hints for owner of museum shops.

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