16.10.2017: New from BeWitched-Spiele: The card game "Hossa Lobgesang" was just published. Illustrations were made by Andy Maurice Mueller, Christof Tisch was in charge of the artwork.
There is a second larger version of the game with 32 foil-clad cards in size A6. Both versions were made possible through a crowdfunding and are distributed by Hiveworld. They can also be ordered here.

10.10.2016: New from BeWitched-Spiele: At the convention Spiel '16 I will publish the card game "Hossa op Kölsch" following an idea by Mareike Welke. Illustrations are by Anja Wrede, the artwork is made by Christof Tisch.

Jörg Rottenbiller interviewed me on Stimmvieh and on developing games for herzteile (Podcast (German only, sorry)). Thank you!

08.10.2014: New from BeWitched-Spiele: Stimmvieh. Will you be the party manager who gathers the most donations in the end? er managt seine Partei so erfolgreich, dass er anschließend die meisten Spenden hat? Producing the game was supported by a crowdfunding campaign. The card game ironically addresses a German election campaign. As compared to the original version I improved the game mechanics and introduced even more dilemma. Thanks to the input of supporters we managed to make a game that not only is fun but also tells stories about political issues and attitudes.