Monstermaler - A creative fun-game for 4 and more wannabe-artists

A creative fun-game for 4 and more wannabe-artists

von Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, Friedemann Friese und Andrea Meyer

artwork: Marcel-André Casasola Merkle
length of game: ca. 20-30 minutes
Prices: 2.90 EUR (add package and posting). Click here for your order.
1. edition (German, 10,000 copies, October 2006)

An English language version is yet to be published.

What do you do if you are supposed to quickly draw the left side of Queen Elizabeth II? You draw half a crown, a dress ... but already everybody but you has shouted stop and you only just started to draw the Queen's face. And you still wanted to draw Buckingham Palace in the left corner ... Now it's up to your left neighbour to save you both. Unfortunately, you hear her mourning once she reads whom she's supposed to draw. But maybe some good idea will strike her?

"Well, a person with wings and a mask, but no bat, spider's web ... alright, this has got to be SPIDERMAN!" Grats, you score two points!

But how about the other two drawings? "Some strange hunter? Or rather Robin Hood?"

And what about the one on the right hand side? "A doctor? With a suit. And why is his face painted that way? And what does that obelisk in the back mean. Something about da Vinci??? Or what? Maybe something about the church? A black man? Well ..." The artists are enraged, as they drew every characteristic of Martin Luther King. But it did not help, because nobody guessed whom they had drawn. So they both lose a point.