Linq - who is your partner?

An associative bluffing game for 4-8 players

by Erik Nielsen and Andrea Meyer

artwork: Sebastian Wagner
editor: Andrea Meyer
game length: ca. 45 minutes
Price: 19.95 EUR (add package and postage). Click here for your order.
1st edition, October 2007, sold out
2nd edition, September 2008, sold out
Linq was republished by Kosmos in autumn 2011, sold out

Linq is a game in German language that combines bluff elements with associative gaming. 4-8 players ages 8 and up try to find their ever changing partners by associating freely to their LINQ-words. An intuitive scoring mechanism shows who was best able to linq with the others in the end.

Please be aware that this game is language dependent and only available in German so far.


The (German) expansion for Linq for even more fun. 26 pairs of cards bring 312 new words. 8 question marks are replacements for those who already used Linq so intensely that the question marks can be recognized by now. German only.
Only 6.50 EUR, only playable with Linq.