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The Game Expansions

A communicative game for 3-80 singers by Andrea Meyer
Ages: 8+.
Time per round: ca. 45 minutes.
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese
Price: 19.90 EUR (add package and postage).

1. edition, 2000, 500 copies, sold out.
2. improved edition, 2003, 1.000 copies, sold out.
3. edition, 2006, 2.000 copies, sold out.
Licence edition by Schmidt-Spiele, 2008, 10.000 copies, sold out.
4. edition, 2010, 3.000 copies

A game by Andrea Meyer
Illustration : Andy Maurice Mueller
Artwork: Daniel Müllenbach

For all fans, for all singers, for all who are over the ocean and over the sea, and for all of you "somewhere over the rainbow"

The game

A song title containing the word "Love"? Simple, isn't it? Sing it out loud? Well, okay ...

A song about a relative? Well ... what about "Daddy Cool"? But do you know the lyrics? And what was the melody like? Perhaps the other players will help you ...


110 two-sided cards in six languages, 80 counters, rulebook in six languages

Video explanation:

At the Boardgamegeek-booth in Essen I explained Hossa in English.

An example:

Tommy, Karin, Daniel, and Andrea play Hossa! They assemble a deck of 40 cards, of which 32 contain set expressions, and 8 categories.

Tommy is the first player and draws the cards rain and day of week. He chooses the card rain and puts day of week aside. Afterwards he names the cue word rain.

Karin, his left neighbour, names the title "I'm singing in the rain", but she does not sing it. She scores one point and takes a grey counter.

Andrea left to Karin names the title "Raindrops are falling on my head". However, she doesn't know more text than the title, which she sings out loud. She scores two points.

Daniel, Andrea's left neighbour says "It's raining men" und sings out the chorus, with Tommy and Karin joining in. Daniel scores four points, Tommy and Karin one point each.

Karin and Andrea each won two points, Tommy one and Daniel five.
Karin now gets the card stack from Tommy. She draws the two cards "part of the body" and "sing". She puts "sing" aside and names the category "part of the body". Nobody may now name the song "Raindrops are falling on my head".

The game is over when all cards have been drawn and played. The player who has gained the highest score wins.


There are five expansions for Hossa.

Hossa Lobgesang

A game for 3-5 teams who love singing by Andrea Meyer

Ages: 8+
Length: ca. 30 minutes
Languages: German, English
Price small version: 4.90 EUR (add package and postage)
Price large version with foil-clad cards: 19.90 EUR (add package and postage)

1. edition, 2017, 1.000 copies (small version); 300 copies (large version)
Illustration: André Maurice Müller; Artwork: Christof Tisch
Advice on translation: Sheila und James Davis, Tery Noseworthy

For everyone singing praise, all those who love singing and everybody who didn't stop believing.

Das Spiel

A song title containing God? Simple, isn't it? Sing it out loud? Well then ...

A song about a biblical person? Well ... how about "Personal Jesus"; Or rather "Jesus loves America"? But do you know the lyrics? And the tune? Maybe the others can help you ...

Contents small version:

29 double-sided cards in German and English, rules in German and English.
For keeping score you need pen and paper.

Zubehör große Ausgabe:

32 double-sided cards (size A6, foil-clad) in German and English, rules in German and English.
Wer Punkte notieren will, benötigt noch Zettel und Stift.

Hossa op kölsch

Kölsch is a German dialect spoken in and around Cologne.
ages: 8+
playtime: ca. 30 minutes
Languages: Kölsch, German
price: 4.90 EUR (add package and postage)
1. edition, 2016, 3,000 copies

A game by Andrea Meyer
Illustration: Anja Wrede, Artwork: Christof Tisch
Translation and support: Mareike Welke, Andreas Biertz


29 double-sided cards in Kölsch and German
Rules in German.
If you want to score points you need pen and paper.

The seafarers' expansion (2001) contains 48 doublesided cards in English and German, a cover card and five cards with German and English rules. It is only available as two pdf-files with 2 MB each, which you can buy against pre-payment and may print for your private use. Please note that you are not allowed to resell or offer the files or prints of them on the internet or elsewhere.

The workers' songs-expansion (2002) contains 53 one-sided cards in German and a cover card as well as German rules. It is only available as a pdf-file with ca. 2 MB, which you can buy against pre-payment and may print for your private use. Please note that you are not allowed to resell or offer the files or prints of them on the internet or elsewhere.

The Christmas expansion (2007) contained 4 double-sided cards in German and was released as a give-away in 2007.

Press and other voices (excerpts)

December 2010: Detlev Hanz writes on the Internet among others: "Hossa has proven to be a game for the most different gaming groups. Hossa is fun and creates atmosphere - an atmosphere I have known from the campfire, from evenings at the fireplace in the youth hostel, or from long evenings at the student digs. Recommendable."

01.08.2010: Preview by Boardgamenews.

Curve, the US Lesbian magazine, writes

"Hossa! Sprechen sie Deutsh? Even if not, German lesbian gamemaker Andrea Meyer’s bewitching new pop culture game where you actually name and sing songs may be up your alley."

Tery Gaudet, on the DIGers mailing group, April, 23, 2004

"This game was a lot of fun. If you could think of a song no one else knew, that was good, because then you scored points and no one else did. It was so much fun to have everyone singing along, though, that it didn’t matter if it was a song everyone knew. We sang some very, very bad songs. Many of these are still stuck in my head, unfortunately! Sharon Madden and Heli should burn in hell for getting “Hands Up! Baby, Hands Up!) stuck in my head in 2 separate games. . .

In Game 3 we ran out of scoring cubes, which wasn’t really a problem since we had no idea what the score was. Michael Adams had come up with a variant where you choose a song you think will be sung during the round; if it is, you get a point. What he neglected to mention was that, if your name is Michael Adams, you get a 50-point cube. He also got a 50-point cube for just about every song he sang. It was a riot. I think we all should have gotten 50-point cubes for our performance, complete with hand motions, of “Stop! In the Name of Love”.

The basic rules of the game call for each player to play solo, but there are rules for team and group play. In game 3, we all played as 2 player teams. Andrea and Kurt were a perfect team; Andrea sang and Kurt bobbed his head rhythmically. Dan Blum and I were partners; be sure to watch your local music store for our forthcoming CD. (Hey, if William Hong can get a recording contract, so can we!)"

Angela Gaalema (Plenary Games), on the DIGers mailing group, April, 22, 2004

"*Hossa by Andrea Meyer: I had the pleasure of learning this one from the songstress herself, and it was....fun. It wasn't rollicking fun like some party games, and in places it seemed downright odd because people...kept...singing! This is the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend.... Even so, I liked it enough to seek out my own copy."

Matthias Hardel, Pöppel-Revue Nr. 6/00, p. 46

Around the fair
Tagungshaus Drübberholz - At the stand of the Tagungshaus people were singing. Continuously, wrong, and with the designer participating. I want to point out very clearly that it was not the latter that made me do without a test round and just take a copy of the rule of the game. The title HOSSA! already gives you an idea that designer Andrea Meyer stops at nothing. Friends of mainly instrumentally improvised music will feel lost when it comes to naming songs that contain the cue word given on a card. For maximising their score most players don't refrain from singing the chorus or even a complete stanza - if their voice silenced by laughter allows them to do so. But seriously: Given that there is a minimum of maritime cue words, I can hardly wait for getting down to action with an anonymous member of the jury and an also anonymous product manager. (Translation: Andrea Meyer)

Neue Westfälische, 26.10.2000 by Stefan Ducksch

People playing at every corner
Public fair Spiel 2000 in Essen opens today - Essen. Today board game players from all over Europe storm the "games Mecca" Essen. This is where until Sunday the public fair Spiel 2000 takes place, where new games from German publishers as well as many foreign games can be tested. In Essen you find people playing at every corner.
In five fair halls the publishers have provided tables and knowledgeable employees who explain the new games. "The fair is a festival with return guarantee: Here you can test games before you buy them,", says Dominique Metzler from the organising Merz-Verlag. [...]
What gives the fair that extra something are not the games mulis, but the many small publishers. Adlung-Spiele presents the with 10 marks very inexpensive card game "Meuterer". [...] And at BeWitched-Spiele you find the droll "Hossa!" "My mother used to sing while cleaning the house. This was when I noticed that certain words are very often used in songs", explains author Andrea Meyer how she had the idea for "Hossa". So there are 200 cards with 800 expressions: Choose one, and sing a song containing the word given on the card at once. This brings you points, those, who join in singing, score, too. [...]" ( Translation: Andrea Meyer)

Spielerei, Nr. 49, Oct.-Dec. 2000 by Bernward Nüttgens

Just a girls' game?
Do you know some of the songs sung worldwide? Do you like singing, do it a lot and possibly wrong (not required)? If so, take this game and join in! Cue word bridge: [...] ["Bridge over troubled water"] or captain from the seafarer's extension: [...] ["Captain of the Heart"] as answers score 1 point, if you sing the title you score 2, if you even sing the chorus or a verse, you'll get 4. Those of the other players joining in get 1 point, too.
On 200 cards you find 560 fix expressions, 120 categories like day of the week or part of the body and 30 cards offering free choice. All of this in 4 levels of difficulty.
The player giving the cue word draws two cards and chooses one of the expressions on them. Taking turns, the others try to name songs containing the expression, sometimes digging deeply in their memories. During the whole game each song may only be named once. Hence it becomes rather difficult to contribute something new when 6, 7 or even 8 people are playing.
So another merry evening is on. [...] Whether other gamers in the room will be disturbed, bothered or even molested, depends on the volume and quality of those playing.
After Stimmvieh Andrea Meyer presents us with her second publication. Her creativity seems to head towards extremely different directions. After the rather tactical trick game now something from the category "communicative shit", that made all testers ask for more. (Translation Andrea Meyer)

Thank you!

My sincerest thanks go to

  • Andy-Maurice Müller, Daniel Müllenbach, and Tommy Braun for illustration and artwork
  • Ergün Isik, Marina Koop, Nobuaki Takerube, Silvano Sorrentino, and William Attia for the translation
  • Andrea Ligabue, Aoi Takashiro, Erhan Cubukcuoglu, Gisela Enders, Jeff Sumner, Jason Arvey, Masayuki Nakano, Spartaco Albertarelli, Teri Noseworthy, and Wei-Hwa Huang for proofreading
  • Karin Jeschke for her support
  • all dedicated Hossa-players for your demand and encouragement to republish Hossa!