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An infuntive game for 4 to 6 players ages 13 and up

by Andrea Meyer

Artwork: Daniel Müllenbach
Translations: Tery Noseworthy, Donna Balkan, Andrea Meyer
Languages: German, English

Length of a game: ca. 30-45 Minuten
Price: 6.90 EUR plus package and postage. click here for your order.
1. edition (October 2012)

Inventing words continues. In Funstir you create new brand names and insert them in well-known slogans. If you manage to add clever explanations, you will win the game. Just follow the motto: Have you ever had a bad time in Funstir? The bar where you stir your drinks yourself.

ATTENTION: Funstir is an expansion for Frigiti and can only be played with this game.


  • 3 cards with short rules (German / English)
  • 52 cards with slogans (German / English)
  • 1 rulebook (German / English)

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Thank you

Designer and publisher thank the playtesters, translaters, proofreaders and all those who helped assembling the games. Special thanks go to Bill Cleary for the name of the game.