Startspieler - who goes first in the next game?

No more discussions about who is going first!

by Ted Alspach

artwork: Ted Alspach, Sebastian Wagner
editor: Andrea Meyer

length of a game: less than 2 minutes
Preis: 5.90 EUR plus package and postage. Click here for your order (German edition).
1. printrun (September 2009)

Who at the table has the highest house number? And who slept the least last night? These and 51 other question solve who is going first at the next game. You neither need dice nor counting-out rhyme. This little game is all you need if you want to have fun and great artwork while finding out the next startplayer. Please note: This game comes in German, only!

With the popular characters from Board 2 Pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each set of rules is only as good as the creativity of those who write it. We tried to explain all contingencies and anything unclear, however, experience shows that this usually only has limited success. Plus: In general each mistake or missing information in a set of rules will be found sometime. And most probably somebody will try it, for whatever reason.

Hence here is a list of questions on the rules of "Startspieler", which will be updated regularly. If you have an open question not answered here yet, email it to info [at], you will get an answer asap. THANK YOU!

  • Startspieler has been published as "Startplayer" in English (by Z-Man-Games) and Italian (by dv-games)

  • NEIN,

  • The designer:

    Ted Alspach is the creator of the online and print comic strip Board 2 Pieces, which is a humorous slant on boardgaming told by the game pieces themselves.

    The comic appears twice a week at since 2006, and previously appeared in a larger format each issue of Knucklebones magazine.

    He is the founder and owner of Bezier-Games.