Ad Acta - A game for 2-4 wanna-be civil servants

A game for 2-4 wanna-be civil servants with the ability to sort out difficult files.
The two player version is even more tactical than that for 3-4 players.

A tactical game for 2-4 wanna-be civil servants ages 12+.
Time per round: ca. 45 minutes.
Price: 17,50 EUR, add package and postage.
2. edition, 2002.

Age: 12 years and up
Time per round: ca. 45 minutes.
Price: 22,50 EUR, add package and postage.
2. edition, 2002.

The ultimate game for all those of you out there who always wanted to be director general in a ministry and force the honored colleagues (i.e. other players) to work for you during your own turn.
Sometimes it's also worth while to "invite" others for repeated consultations, to swallow another drop of dextrose or to send for a special delivery - as long as all of this contributes to the aim of getting your own files in place at the right time.
The shredder awaits the other's players files anyway ... unless the MP visits, because that's when real enthusiasm for your own work is needed ...

The game:

A day in public service - the usual horror. The colleagues in the town office are desperately trying to keep everyone working, in the tax office the civil servants are trying to avoid giving money to anybody and the ecologists in the environmental office can hardly accept the job office's plans to build even more plants.
Of course everybody works as fast as possible, and the messengers are running for their life. That's no surprise, as all files have to be transported strictly through the official channels - all files?
Well, maybe one or another player manages to speed up some files through less official channels. A telephone call here, a special delivery there, and in cases of emergency the consumption of dextrose drops increases rapidly. Main thing is to put things to file ("ad acta") at the right time. But be cautious: Delayed files might get into the shredder ...

Players lead the town hall, the tax- environment- or job-office and try to put their own dossiers to file at the time promising the highest score.


Board with the central filing cabinet and the messengers' car
Four desks (with in- and outbox)
66 cards, among these

28 files (7 to each office)
24 actions
6 cards "Finished"
4 short rules of the game
4 blank actions
A bag of paper clips (references)
One stamp (first-player marker)
12 wood-coloured chips (dextrose drops)
8 markers for scoring and for pencil sharpening in four colours
one messengers' car-marker (for the two-player game)
rules of the game
overview "The administrative jungle"


There are several reviews of "ad acta" available at Luding. However, there is one comment I would like to share with you:

"Dear Andrea,

my children have become new fans of Ad Acta. However, the rules have been slightly altered. My older son likes attaching clips to his files so much that he deals with all files in his office, no matter if it helps him winning the game or not. On the other hand, the younger one did not deal with one of his own files because he suspected it had to do with nuclear power. And he would never deal with such a file!!"

Video-interview online: Scott Nicholson interviewed me at the Gathering of Friends in April 2006 and made me do funny things with paperclips while explaining Ad Acta. Watch me being silly here.