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Untitled Document For starters: BeWitched-Spiele is a small company, in which I publish my own games and those of friends.

Hence I ask you NOT to send me any game proposals!

You are amazed, maybe outraged? You think BeWitched-Spiele is the one and only right company for your game? Please have a close look at my program. If you want to submit a game, send me a brief email (5 lines) WITHOUT enclosures describing your game idea and why it's new and attractive to whom. I will then give you feedback soon if I am interested or not. Thanks.

In other words: Game proposals unasked for and/or sent by regular mail without giving an email address go directly to the wastebin. I expect game designers to be professional enough to check out the publishers they submit to so much to know if their game fits into a publisher's programme.

Sorry for these harsh words, but the number of people unreflectedly sending game proposals to every publisher listed at spielbox is increasing fast.