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was founded in 1998 as a One-Woman-company and is based in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I publish board and card games friends of mine or I myself developed and organize city rallyes in Berlin.

I do not employ any staff. Hence it does not make much sense to apply as an employee or intern. If I need help I usually pay freelancers (artists and web-designers) for their work. Today bigger orders are dealt with by another company. Everything else still follows the motto Do-it-yourself, which is often fun, mostly implies new experience and sometimes gets on my nerves a lot.

Ludography BeWitched-Games:

Stimmvieh  (1998) (Andrea Meyer)
Hossa  (2000, 2003, 2006) (Andrea Meyer)
seafarer's Hossa  (2001) (Andrea Meyer)
ad acta  (2002) (Andrea Meyer)
Hossa-workers' songs  (2002)  (Andrea Meyer) German only
Schwarzarbeit  (2003)  (Andrea Meyer, Friedemann Friese)
Große Geschäfte  (2004)  (also published as "Mall World" by Rio Grande Games)
Wordwild  (2005)  (Andrea Meyer)
Monstermaler  (2006, with 2F-Spiele and casasola) (Andrea Meyer, Friedemann Friese, Marcel-André Casasola Merkle)
Linq  (2007, with Heidelberger Spieleverlag) (Erik Nielsen) German only
Linqer   (2008, with Heidelberger Spieleverlag)   (Erik Nielsen, Andrea Meyer)
Die 3 Gebote   (2008) (Friedemann Friese, Fraser Lamont, Gordon Lamont)
Startspieler   (2009) (Ted Alspach)
Climate-Poker   (2009) (Andrea Meyer)
Freeze   (2010) (Hans-Peter Stoll and Andrea Meyer)

Hossa   (2010) (Andrea Meyer)

Frigiti   (2011) (Andrea Meyer)

Funstir   (2012) (Andrea Meyer)

Stimmvieh   (2014) (Andrea Meyer)

Hossa op kölsch   (2016) (Andrea Meyer)

Besides, I organize workshops and meetings for game designers and give speeches about gaming.

Email: info@bewitched-spiele.de